Polis PowerPlays is an urban planning and development game aimed at teaching students and professionals the nuances of complex interactions and negotiations. Between 20 and 60 players can participate. The game is in analogue, rather than digital form, and comes in a box.

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“It was a great game and activity to boost your negotiation, communication and problem solving skills, as well as give exposure to potential planning scenarios which you may encounter in the future as part of your planning career.’

‘I learned that urban planning practice is extremely complex and that planning theory sugarcoats the process. It showed me how different groups value certain things ultimately and that they are unwilling to help others unless they gain an extensive amount of value for it. Even though it was just a game I do believe it would be like this in the real world.’

“Balancing between so many diverse interests is time consuming and extremely hard. It’s impossible to keep everyone happy.’